How Can Natural Medicine Help Me?


I was diagnosed with a rare one in a million autoimmune disease (Stiff Person Syndrome), which impaired my ability to walk. Now my walking has improved a lot, muscles are more relaxed, energy levels have increased, my sugar cravings are gone, bloating has decreased dramatically and my appetite has normalised. I am very grateful for […]

Auto immune - Deborah Tan, 26

Ketki insisted that I should get my blood test done when she first consulted me. True enough, I had high cholesterol, fatty liver and abnormal ECG. I was very worried. She put me on detox and prescribed supplements. Within a month my cholesterol levels were significantly lower. I was so pleasantly surprised. Now, I will […]

Cardiovascular Problems - Joanna Koo, 42

After 4 months living in Singapore, I started to have symptoms like tiredness, stomach bloating, bad digestion and constipation. I did a food intolerance test that Ketki recommended and she prescribed a diet based on the test results. 3 months later, I was feeling better and almost all the symptoms disappeared completely, and finally I […]

Digestive - Monica Kennedy, 35

My daughter, aged 12, has been having asthma, eczema and allergic rhinitis since childhood. She has to be constantly on western medication to manage those conditions. We have tried other alternative treatments but was not able to treat her problems.

Respiratory Problems - Selvasegaran dorairajoo, 12

I had severe eczema where I had to wrap my legs to prevent them from soaking through the trousers or endure hours of scratching. I was under a lot of stress because of my health conditions and was at my wit’s end. 3 months after treatment with ketki, my eczema on my feet has improved […]

Skin Problems - Hui San, 35

I have been treated for hypothyroid for years by my endocrinologist. Despite taking numerous courses of hormone drugs, I always felt exhausted and unable to concentrate. In desperation, I visited Ketki. Now several months, two detox sessions and a few courses of supplements, I’m feeling both physically and mentally better than I’ve had in years. […]

Thyroid Conditions - Helen Bolt, 36. Accounts Manager

I had been trying to lose my pregnancy weight for a few years and had been unsuccessful. Ketki introduced me to a epigenetics based weight transformation program that has not only helped me lose weight but also become healthier. She guided me throughout the program on food, health and nutrition, which helped me to make the lifestyle changes I needed. I feel great and I'm full of energy now. When I receive compliments about the way I look, I have Ketki to thank.

Weight Loss - Charu Shah, 30s

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