Women’s Hormonal Problems

Infertility - Nikita Rai, 29, IT consultant, 2015

I was suffering from severe endometriosis and got laparoscopy surgery done.  My gynaecologist gave me zoladex injections to stop menses for three months. However, my menses stopped for eight months and I was very stressed out and upset!

That was when I consulted Ketki and started with her Naturopathy treatment, even though I was overwhelmed and resistant. I followed the detox diet and supplements as suggested by her and got my menses back within three weeks. I continued the supplements and, to my surprise, got pregnant the very next month, which seemed like a miracle. I would like to thank you from bottom of my heart!

Candida and yeast infections - Catherine, 28, Ballet Teacher, Singapore, 2011

I had recurrent fungal thrush for years despite courses of doctor’s treatment. My mind always seemed to be fogged and hazy. Simply by modifying my diet and taking supplements that Ketki recommended, the fungal symptoms disappeared. My bowel movement and skin issues improved significantly. All this has helped to improve my state of mind. I am less anxious and sleep much better. It may be a challenge to get to where you want to go, but in the end the result is more than worth it!

Premenstrual Syndrome - Carmel Bank, 35, Teacher, 2011

I was suffering from PMS, felt tired a lot of the time, and got angry and annoyed at little things. I decided to follow ketki’s recommendations – a specific detox diet along with various supplements and herbs to support my hormone levels throughout. I have been feeling much better and my periods have become more regular. I don’t get weepy or overly stressed and rarely get the headaches I used to. I have been a little more careful about what I am eating but haven’t changed my diet totally. Ketki was very supportive and respected my lifestyle and advised according to what I was capable of and wanted to do. Even my family members have noticed the difference. A positive result for all!

Endometriosis - Tara, 40s. Administrator, 2013

I sought out Ketki as I had endometriosis. Ketki told me I needed to do a safe and natural detox diet. She recommended supplements to help with hormone regulation, and the detox diet helped with better absorption of my iron tablets — my haemoglobin levels went back to normal. I am grateful to Ketki for her care and recommendations during this period. She desires the best for her clients.