Weight Loss

Tang Siew Kwan, 30s, 2012 - Marathon runner and swimming coach

I work out rigorously, train and coach in swimming, and have participated in marathons and a triathlon. Despite all that, I still could not have achieve my ideal weight without Ketki’s help. She put me on Body transformation programme based on epigenetics and Now I have a flattened tummy and  my stamina has improved –  I clock better times on the marathon!

Kate Jacey, 30s, HR Manager, Singapore, 2011

When I first went to see Ketki I was exhausted and overweight. After one month on her weight loss detox programme, I felt 100% better with a new clarity and ‘spring’ in my step. I have lost 7 kg! Thanks to removing a number of items from my diet, I am seeing more improvements and have promised myself not to go back.

Charu Shah, 30s, freelance media shoot, Sept 2012

I had been trying to lose my pregnancy weight for a few years and had been unsuccessful. Ketki helped me to lose weight and become healthier. She guided me throughout the program on food, health and nutrition, which helped me to make the lifestyle changes I needed. I feel great and I’m full of energy now. When I receive compliments about the way I look, I have Ketki to thank.