Thyroid Conditions

Hyperthyroid - Florence Tay, 33, Account/Administrator, 2015

I was diagnosed with Graves’ disease and experienced heart palpitation, mood swings, anxiety, tiredness, muscle loss. Doctors at TTSH prescribed Carbimazole in high dosage. I had a blood test done every three months. I also had a big goitre and 2 nodules detected via ultrasound and my eyes tended to bulge in size.

The medical doctor insisted there was no cure and surgery was the only option. I was very stressed as I knew radioactive treatment will not solve the root problem. I started my Naturopathy treatment with Ketki. For the 1st time after a year, TSH result was amazing!!!

  • 21/07/2014- I started reducing my Carbimazole dose
  • 03/11/2014- Carbimazole dose lowered further
  • 28/02/2015- Remission from Carbimazole for 4 months from 21/07/2014

Presently, my goitre is still visible but swelling has subsided significantly. My right eye is back to normal size. One nodule has reduced. I am not taking Carbimazole anymore. I certainly recommend naturopathic consultation with  Ketki as an alternative to surgery.

Hypothyroid - Helen Bolt, 36. Accounts Manager, 2010

I have been treated for hypothyroid for years by my endocrinologist. Despite taking numerous courses of hormone drugs, I always felt exhausted and unable to concentrate. In desperation, I visited Ketki. Now several months, two detox sessions and a few courses of supplements, I’m feeling both physically and mentally better than I’ve had in years. Further proof in the pudding was the results of my latest set of blood tests that I am back to normal. Thank You Ketki.

Hyperthyroid - Ms Gan Su Yin, 29, Associate Banker, 2012

I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroid y Graves’ disease (GD in short). My specialist started me on Carbimazole drug immediately. I was desperate – I really wanted the horrible symptoms of insomnia, heart palpitations, weight & loss and anxiety to go away.

Ketki put me on a strict naturopathic diet for 2 weeks and on a whole load of nutrition supplements.  It was a challenge in looking for the right foods to eat and popping supplement pills every minute.

My last visit to the doctor in late August 2012 showed great improvement and the endocrinologist was happy. The FreeT4 levels were normal and TSH was also coming up. I no longer am on drugs now and have conceived naturally. Thank you Ketki!