Skin Problems

Rashes - Sha-ron Low, 44, HR manager, 2014

I started developing bad rashes and itchiness on my arms and legs that wake up in the middle of the night. Doctor’s prescription of anti-histamines and steroid cream didn’t work. Ketki prescribed supplements and a naturopathic detox diet. It has been about four months and I am very happy that 95% of the rashes have gone away. As a side benefit, my bloating has also reduced dramatically and I feel much healthier than before.

Eczema - Hui San, 35, School teacher, 2014

I had severe eczema where I had to wrap my legs to prevent them from soaking through the trousers or endure hours of scratching. I was under a lot of stress because of my health conditions and was at my wit’s end.

3 months after treatment with ketki, my eczema on my feet has improved dramatically. Skin is no longer painful, itchy, red or weeping. It requires discipline, but the rewards that good health and nutrition bring are immense.

Eczema - Andy Wee, 18, Polytechnic Student, 2009

I had been to many doctors and specialists to seek treatment for my condition.  However, it did not improve.  One of my lecturers suggested that I seek treatment from Ms Ketki.  After having gone through the treatment for about a year, my skin condition has improved dramatically. Thank you, Ms Ketki.

Acne - Mr Ng, 29, Finance Executive, 2013

I had a sudden outbreak of acne for about six months. I went to the National Skin Center and was prescribed Accutane. While it cleared some of the acne, new ones kept appearing everyday. My weight also fell a lot on the Accutane course, not to mention a host of other side effects.

I am very glad that I decided to follow Ketki’s strict naturopathic diet and vigorous nutritional and herbal supplementation. I made a 95% recovery in three months without the horrifying side effects of Accutane. So to all acne sufferers out there, please try out Ketki’s naturopathic consultation and natural medicine first. It really works.