Respiratory Problems

Coughing - May Yee, 35, Finance Manager, Singapore, 2011

I had sleepless nights as I would wake myself coughing and choking. The doctors prescribed cough mixture and anti-histamine, which made me groggy. After following Ketki’s strict regime, I felt a marked difference in my symptoms. My eczema also improved!. Thank you and I hope more people have confidence in natural healing!

Runny nose and sore throat - Prema Viswanathan, Deputy managing editor-Asia, 50, Singapore, 2010

I used to take weeks to recover from a runny nose and sore throat. It was such a pleasant surprise when these conditions disappeared in a couple of days after I embarked on your simple treatment.

Asthma - Selvasegaran dorairajoo, 12, Jun 2012

My daughter, aged 12, has been having asthma, eczema and allergic rhinitis since childhood. She has to be constantly on western medication to manage those conditions. We have tried other alternative treatments but was not able to treat her problems. Her asthma improved dramatically within a month of following Ketki’s nutrition and supplementation treatment. She was able to concentrate more in her studies and has not had a single asthma attack since. Thank you for treating her and taking a keen interest in her well-being.

Bronchitis - Bernice Wilson, Polytechnic Lecturer, 40, 2008

I had bronchitis that would not go away even after trying medication, and i didn’t want to take antibiotics. I consulted Ketki – and it was amazing how a few simple remedies she asked me to take did the job . My coughing improved within a few days. I am so thankful to to you, Ketki for helping me with the cough naturally!