Food Allergy and IBS - Monica Kennedy, 35, Nov 2013

After 4 months living in Singapore, I started to have symptoms like tiredness, stomach bloating, bad digestion and constipation. I did a food intolerance test that Ketki recommended and she prescribed a diet based on the test results. 3 months later, I was feeling better and almost all the symptoms disappeared completely, and finally I was cured.

Gerd and Gastritis - Shemuel Yeo, 21, Army, Sept 2013

I suffered from GERD which caused me to lose my voice for 2 years. I tried Chinese medicine, western medicine and even went for a surgery but still couldn’t recover fully. I was referred to Ketki by my Speech Therapist and within two months was feeling much better. When I checked on my throat, the Gastroenterologist said that I had fully recovered. I don’t see Ketki for consultation any more, but I do replenish the supplements regularly.

Constipation - Kimberley Teng, 19, Student 2012

I had chronic constipation and bloating for years. Every trip to the toilet was dreadful due to excessive straining. After following Ketki’s naturopathy treatment plan, I no longer dread going to the toilet. I greatly appreciate Ketki for guiding me in implementing a lifestyle that also improved my general well-being in the process.