Naturopathy  is a science with a fundamental philosophy that each person has the ability to heal themselves. Ketki can assist in a variety of health issues. There is a lot of misinformation on the net, so professional advice can save you money and can be critical in preventing complications versus self-prescribing.

You are requested to email weekly updates on your progress because you are an active partner in the journey towards optimum wellness. The end result will depend upon the amount of commitment you have put into the program. You will know it is working when you start seeing improvements in your health.

Everybody differs in terms of the state of their health condition, lifestyle, immunity and their commitment to heal. As such there are many variable factors that come into play and there is no fixed time or rule. Some recover very quickly, and some take longer.

There is a list of client testimonials from patients and some corporate clients as well

I am trained in Drug and Nutrient/Herb Interactions and have the expertise to advise you which herbs or nutritional supplements  you can or cannot take when you are on certain drugs or medications from your doctor.  I have conducted herb and drug interaction training for Pharmacists in local polyclinics and hospitals under the National Health Group. As such, you are in safe hands.

If you have health challenges, functional medicine testing may be appropriate. This will be discussed and determined during the consult and the patient can choose which approach they are comfortable with.

Ketki prescribes different herbs, vitamins or food supplements  depending on her clients’ needs. Her patients do get the supplements from her. If you are using a particular supplement, do bring it along and she can assess and advice you on its quality and suitability for the purposes of your health concern.